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Instructional Management System


Our EdInsight Instructional Management System is a fully integrated suite of software tools to support teachers and administrators using data driven instruction to improve student achievement.

These tools integrate student data and connect standards aligned curriculum and assessments back to classroom instruction.

The EdInsight Instructional Management System is supported by a complete Professional Development curriculum that focuses on helping schools, administrators, teachers and students achieve greater results.



OnHand Schools instructional management software combines all of your data warehouse needs into one software package.



Curriculum experts delivering professional development and training opportunities



Tier, track and evaluate students with RTI software designed to produce data driven results.



Educators with a combined centuries of experience presenting state-of-art topics that drive educational growth

The EdInsight Instructional Management System

The EdInsight Instructional Management Systems consists of various modules that are integrated on a custom basis to assist school districts in improving instruction and results in their school district.

The EdInsight Modules are:

Professor Bar Chart Explains EdInsight

  • EdInsight Data Window
    The EdInsight Data Window is a graphical roles based data analysis system that enables users to make data informed decisions. 
  • EdInsight Data Analyzer
    EdInsight Data Analyzer is a rich ad-hoc report writer that helps users with student data analysis at the detailed level without requiring the user to understand SQL queries.
  • EdInsight Curriculum Management System
    The EdInisght Curriculum Management System is a curriculum mapper and online lesson planner that connects curriculum to state and common core standards.
  • EdInsight Assessment Builder
    With the EdInsight Assessment Builder tool teachers and administrators create tests for use both online and off allowing educators to check for understanding with skills mapped back to standards.
  • EdInsight RTI Software or RTII
    The EdInsight Response to Intervention Software module educators tier students based on the data in the EdInsight Instructional Management System.  The RTII software has a complete set of reports.

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