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Fun with the PSSA

Do you want to have fun with the PSSA? Do you think that is impossible? See how the Penn Hills School District has figured out how to make it happen.

Teacher Evaluation is More than a State Exam Score

With the Race to the Top grant as the catalyst, teacher evaluation is the hot topic Du Jour. Back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth and I was a classroom teacher my evaluation was based on classroom management. If I didn’t send kids to the office I was …

Data Driven Instruction - Looking Forward and Predicting

Data Driven Instruction is yesterday’s news or is it. In K-12 we do have a tendency to embrace the latest and coolest.

Is Your District Ready for Response to Intervention?

Is Your District Ready for RTI? Use a RTI evaluation model to learn if your district is ready to start the RTI process or if your district has sucessfully implemented the RTI process.
nitoring is a tried and true way to increase student achievement. So where is the problem /blog/2012/07/your-district-ready-response-intervention

Teacher Back to School Supplies - Shoes, Clothes.... Data?

Just like parents are bombarded with the Back to School student necessities. Teachers are compiling their list of Back to School necessities and DATA analysis skills are on their list.

Data Informed Instruction from a 360 Degree Perspective

In the K-12 data analysis world we look at student performance. All data analysis is based on a lens that looks at the student performance data. There is nothing wrong with that and if I had to design a data analysis system it would start with the stude…
etitive Advantage is translated to improving student achievement. Look at the questions /blog/2012/08/data-informed-instruction-360-degree-perspective

Disappearing from Classrooms  -  Not on Grade Level  -  Teaching in the Hood | Ed Buzz 2016-4-21

12 Things That Will Disappear From Classrooms In The Next 12 Years | 9 Out Of 10 Parents Think Their Kids Are On Grade Level. They're Probably Wrong | A Black Professor Offers Advice ‘For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood’ | These are the storie…