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EdInsight Instructional Management System


The EdInsight Instructional Management System consists of a suite of software tools that collects data, provides insight into the numbers, aligns daily tasks to districts goals and individualizes student interventions.

From collecting data to interpreting it to helping align it to curriculum and interventions, EdInsight makes it easier for you to create and follow through on your educational plans.


Spend your time analyzing results as they arrive, not organizing data.

EdInsight pulls in new data as it arrives. It instantly links new data to old, and provides interpretation in your own customizable data dashboard. No jumping from one software package to another. No more matching Student IDs over 3 or more paper printouts. Instead you develop and execute on instructional strategies.

Evaluating the data is only the first step. Acting on the information produces change.

EdInsight provides tools that help educators strategize, plan and implement educational solutions that deliver academic growth. Through EdInsight tools, educators create and align curriculum, interventions, lesson plans and individualized instruction from standards and student needs. Planning and teaching is connected to original data, providing feedback loops for further refinement and next steps in the educational process.

Benefits to You and Your Team

EdInsight provides a single, role-based instructional management system for use by the entire school district staff. Each educator has their own needs though. Take a look at some of the common benefits educators find using EdInsight.


Superintendents and Assistant Superintendents

EdInsight Data Dashboard

  • Data Dashboard
    Access to data that administrators use frequently.  The data dashboard is fully customizable, so you see what is important to you.
  • At-risk Students Report
    Using a customizable scoring process monitor your districts most at-risk students.
  • Curriculum and Lessons Aligned with Standards
    View curriculum and daily lessons as they are aligned to Standards.  See exactly how and when Standards are covered.
  • Reporting Tools
    Create reports, with an easy to use tool, to monitor any groups of students in the school district.



Principals and Assistant Principals

Top 10 At-Risk Students Report

  • At-Risk Students Report
    Monitor all students for At-Risk status in real time. Catch students as detrimental actions begin and intervene while issues are still minor.
  • Online Lesson Plans
    Review staff lesson plans in one online system.  Lessons are automatically tied into curriculum and standards.
  • Misconduct and Absentee Reports
    Dig into misconduct and absenteeism.  Intervene on students' behalf before misconducts and absenteeism become an issue.  Look for patterns in order to reduce  causation.
  • Reporting Tools
    Create reports to monitor any data in the system.  Define groups and monitor results throughout and across school years.




Question Bank under Local Assessments

  • Question Bank
    Create your own assessments using the EdInsight Question Bank.  Each question is tied to your standards so teachers can attack problem areas.
  • Interventions
    Use EdInsight's Intervention module to tier students, create plans, track progress and report on success.
  • Student Learning Objectives
    Create, monitor and submit results for SLOs.  Tie lessons and assessments into SLOs, and automatically have scores feed results into each SLO group.
  • Assessments
    State and national assessments feed scores are available in detail for all of your classes and individual students.  Determine strengths and weaknesses from pre-built (or ad-hoc if you prefer) reports. Align lessons with areas of need and monitor growth using local assessments you design.


Curriculum Specialists

Curriculum Specialists

EdInsight Curriculum Map

  • Curriculum Development
    Create curriculum aligned directly to standards.  Tie curriculum areas to assessment results.
  • Manage Resources
    Create, add and manage resources that relate to curriculum.  Add documents, website links and multimedia to the curriculum.
  • Lesson Plans Tied to Curriculum
    View lessons tied directly to the curriculum.  See how teachers present the curriculum and review results from assessments.  Truly know how the curriculum leads to student learning.
  • Assessment Builder
    Create assessment items, tied to curriculum, that teachers can use to measure student growth. 


Special Education Specialists

Special Education Specialists

EdInsight RTI Management & Reporting

  • Manage Interventions
    Access to data that administrators use frequently.  The data dashboard is fully customizable, so you see what is important to you.
  • I.E.P. Tracking
    Stay in compliance with IEPs.  Know which IEPs are coming up for review.  Pull data and create reports quickly for meetings.
  • At-risk Students Report
    Monitor the risk level of students with special education requirements.  Use customized scoring to make sure students don't fall through the cracks.
  • Monitor Absenteeism and Misconduct
    Keep track of contributing factors that lead to issues including absenteeism and misconduct.  Intervene early in order to correct issues before they become serious problems.


Data Specialists

Data Specialists

EdInsight Data Analyst Reporting Tool

  • Reporting Tools
    Create groups and reports based on any of the criteria entered into EdInsight without doing any coding.  We've got a tool for that.
  • Misconduct and Absenteeism
    Monitor misconduct and absenteeism.  Identify how misconduct and absenteeism affects academic performance.
  • I.E.P. Tracking
    Pull data on IEPs to fulfilling reporting requirements
  • Data Dashboad
    Personalize the data dashboard to see at a glance the data that is important to the work at hand.

Who Uses EdInsight Instructional Management System

School districts, charter schools, private and parochial schools throughout the United States use EdInsight to help manage data and connect their teaching efforts to their education strategy.

OnHand Schools has more than 150 clients using EdInsight.  We proudly serve educational institutions from Florida to Alaska. We assist both large and small school districts.  Our biggest client is a county wide school district in Florida with more than 65,000 students, but EdInsight also serves educators whose entire district exists in single building with only a few hundred students.  

The educators who choose EdInsight believe that within the data they collect exists paths to greater success.  They understand that linking data, curriculum, lessons, interventions and assessments gives educators the best opportunity to fine tune instruction and meet each students needs.