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Kandoolu is a new personalized learning app that engages students, empowers teachers and accelerates student achievement.

Kandoolu gives teachers real-time feedback on student understanding and suggests resources targeted to meet the needs of each child. Our easy to use mobile app works on any device, inside and outside of the classroom.  It's a teacher's aid, tutor and guide for parents to support and reinforce learning.

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Kandoolu Learning Navigator - A Sneak Peek

Kandoolu Math is now available for grades 3-8. Content modules for ELA (grades 1-8 and high school), K-2 Math, Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry will be available for the 2017-2018.

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A Data-Supported Solution

Recent studies have shown a direct link between the use of personalized classroom instruction and significant gains in student performance. Kandoolu is a major breakthrough in OHS’s vision for delivering Personalized Learning. It builds on the success of the OHS EdInsight System and offers schools a power platform to push student achievement to new heights.

Motivate and Inspire


Keep their attention by using mobile devices to engage your students in ways that make them want to explore and learn.

Real-Time Results


No late night grading crunch to check for understanding. Kandoolu does it for you. Know within seconds which students understood your lesson and which need more help.

We Can Do It

kandoolu-comets.pngPersonalized learning, the holy grail of teaching, is difficult to achieve in crowded classrooms. Kandoolu makes it possible, getting the right resources, at the right time, to the right students.

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If your students and teachers could benefit from real-time feedback and dynamic, personalized resources let us know. Contact OHS to find out more.

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